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Why there are no finer nutrients than Ferro or Hydrotops for all London/Surrey Sussex Growers

Short answer – Bigger Yields!!

Hydrotops Facts

HYDROTOPS was the first company in the world to introduce the concept of nutrients tailored directly to your regional or personal water supply. In order for your water to work for you the nutrients you use need to be chosen carefully and balanced to your water supply.

HYDROTOPS have been producing custom nutrient formulations for UK growers since 1996 and continue to do so to this day. By 2005, they were the first to manufacture area specific nutrients covering all of the UK. Over the last 13 years they have analysed thousands of water samples from all areas of the UK and their data base of water quality second to none. They are extremely proactive in the maintenance and expansion of their water quality data base, constantly re-analysing water samples from growers and HYDROTOPS distributors. This helps them to maintain the excellent quality of service growers throughout the country have come to expect. This ensures their products are one of the most effective and productive nutrients available in the UK today.

HYDROTOPs has introduced many ground breaking ideas and concepts to the hydroponic world. One such example is their legendary Triple F (Fully Formed Flowers). Introduced to the world in 2002 it was the first fruit and flower enhancer to increase yields by up to 40% whilst remaining 100% organic. Triple F continues to prove itself time after time as the finest natural flowering enhancer available to date.


Ferro has specialised in the development and production of nutrients for private and commercial markets since the early 1990’s. Development initially rooted in the Dutch flower/vegetable sector has further evolved to satisfy the needs of private cultivators. The real breakthrough for Ferro came in the new millennium.

This resulted from rising demands by cultivators for a higher rendement and a stable crop.
Only Ferro nutrients continue to meet these requirements.


Ferro uses only high – quality singular fertilizer ingredients which are immediately accessible to the plant, as opposed to biological nutrients that change due to the influence of time, temperature and lights. Ferro nutrients are guaranteed against decomposition at room temperature.

Water can contain many of the nutrients by the plant with the exception of e.g. rainwater or osmosis water but in tap and spring water nutrient percentages may be as high as 75% (EC1.2) This water differs enormously from region to region. FERRO takes this into account during the manufacturing process of nutrients for each individual cultivator, in our case nutrients specifically for Greater London and Crawley and west Sussex click her to see our extensive range of FERRO Nutrients. How they are specifically tailored? Simple… a sample of water is taken from the local water supply and tested; the produced results are then used by FERRO to make up a perfectly balanced nutrient for any specific region. In doing this it prevents problems arriving through deficiencies or surpluses of specific nutrient elements. Each nutrient set will have its own specific nutrient value assuring the crop a stable and constant nutrient – base resulting in consistent higher production (yields) irrespective of location or water type.

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