Hydroponics Weybridge

Hydro2Grow were established in 2009 and have been trading in the hydroponic industry ever since. The company consists of a number of qualified professionals within the sector who, together have over 20 years of growing experience. Over time we have worked with a number of different customers and wholesalers, building not only a great relationship with them but also a reputation as one of the leading providers of hydroponics systems.

Hydroponics is a gardening technique that doesn’t involve the use of soil. Instead it uses a combination of minerals, water, and lighting. This is reason why it’s becoming one of the most widely recognised alternative growth methods in the United Kingdom and worldwide. It holds many benefits that the traditional techniques simply do not.

Firstly, plants using hydroponics grow faster and healthier because you can control the amount of nutrients the plant receives whereas with soil you cannot always be sure. Secondly, pests and diseases within the plant are easier to remove than in soil due to its accessibility. As well as that, plants grow healthier without the need for pesticide and will not sustain any damage from it either. There are many other advantages to using this system as opposed to the traditional methods including no nutrition pollution to the environment, higher and more stable yields, and reusable water to name a few.

We are open seven days a week for online shopping and you can be confident that your personal information is safe and secure in our encrypted system. Our stock is extensive and includes everything that you will need to get started with hydroponics such as pots, trays, propagation systems, pest and disease control, lighting, environments and a number of accessories.

You can rest assured that when you work with us, you are in safe and capable hands. At Hydro2Grow we can always guarantee that you will be provided with the highest quality materials and specialist advice to help you even if you are new to hydroponics. As well as being able to do all of that, we also try to be the most affordable solution too. Any legitimate quotation will be beaten to ensure that our customers get the best products for the best price in England.

If you need help with alternative horticulture, choose Hydro2Grow for the best hydroponics Weybridge has to offer. Not only do we have a selection of the finest wares but we’ll always be here to answer your questions and give you invaluable advice. Call our friendly, close-knit team today to learn more about how we can help.

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