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  • Mabo Fire Extinguisher

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    Mabo Fire Extinguisher

    The Mabo Automatic Fire Extinguisher recognizes an increase in the room temperature caused by fire. When the temperature reaches 84 degrees celcius the liquid inside the Mabo is atomized causing the ampule to burst and scatter over a large area, even when no one is about the Mabo will give total fire protection and peace of mind. One Mabo will cover an area of 12 to 16 sq mtrs and the action of the Mabo is completely automatic and maintenance free, just fit and forget and your room is covered.

    The Mabo contains a solution with a unique patented formula that immediately after activation becomes a gas. This gas has a reaction with the burning material which immediately extinguishes the fire. By cooling and smothering the flame, the Mabo also contains a retardant to prevent the fire from re-igniting. The released gas is completely harmless to humans, animals and the environment, easy to clean away, does not damaged materials, equipment or plants and cannot cause a short circuit in live equipment.


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