• Wilma System

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    The four-pot XLarge system uses a 70 litre tank with the versatility of four 18 litre or 25 litre pots on top, although it is possible to use Air Pots instead If you are using Air Pots please ensure you specify the correct bases as there are standard bases for soil and coco as well as ‘hydro edition’ for clay pebbles.a Grasslin segmental timer to help you regulate the feeding schedule.providing over 33% more pot to play with while still fitting comfortably inside a one metre square grow tent.

    Dimensions: 900 mm long x 900 mm wide x 200 mm
    Kit Contains :
    4 x 18 litre or 25 litre pots (square)
    1 x 70 litre res (tank)
    1 x water pump
    4 x flood drippers and 4mm feed pipe
    4 x arrow drippers
    and full instructions


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