IWS Flood & Drain System

IWS Flood & Drain System


Created by Intelligent Watering Systems, these highly refined modular flood and drain set ups come with a wide selection of user-friendly features that make them the number one choice for the discerning flood and drain grower.

The IWS Flood & Drain System delivers water based nutrients to your plants via a pump. As the water is forced through your growing medium of choice it replaces all the stale oxygen in your pots with fresh oxygen giving your roots a boost every time they feed.

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Flood and drain is an irrigation technique that fills the pot with nutrient solution from the bottom. As the nutrient solution rises in the pot it forces out the air and saturates the growing media. As the nutrient solution drains from the pot, fresh air is pulled back into the growing media enriching it with oxygen – vital for healthy root growth. Frequent flooding and draining of the pot should occur in order to optimise the available oxygen in the root zone.

The convenient modular pot design allows you to freely move plants about for a layout tailored around your available space and achieving even levels of growth. You can even expand the number of pots and plants over time if desired! A modular controller design also means that in the unlikely event of equipment failure it is simply a component change rather than a full system replacement. Handy!

Other systems sizes available including 6 pot, 12 pot, 36 pot, 48 pot and the new Pro Systems.


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