Air Pots

Air Pots



Diameter (mm) – 420

Wall Height (mm) – 440

Comes with two fixing screws to stabilise the pot

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This revolutionary approach to pot culture produces fabulous, non-spiralling root systems that are impossible to develop in any other available container. The cones and holes that make up the walls of the pot cause the tips of the roots to become ‘Air-Pruned’ which stimulates further root growth within the growing media. It is these fine, fibrous roots that stimulate the vigorous development of leaves and stems leading ultimately to an abundance of fruit or flowers.

Air-Pots also allow more air and better drainage than in any other container, another vital element that makes Air-Pot grown plants much healthier and happier.

This Air-Pot 50L is suitable for potting up young plants that have been started in the Air-Pot 3 or 6, 10 or 15L. You can use any mediums we have in stock in these pots. Do not re-water until the pots weigh half of their saturated weight and keep well watered once the plants has established.

For indoor growing purposes, you should only consider using this sized Air-pot if you are growing a single plant under a 600-1000W.


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