Bud Blood Liquid

Bud Blood Liquid


Bud Blood expands flowers in seed crops. Bud Blood expands the actual flower creating ‘space” for protective resin drops to form within the flowers. This process ‘fluffs’ up the yield and allows the drying process to go faster. Reduces the risk of moulds/fungi growing within the flower.

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How Bud Blood Gets Your Plants To Bloom Faster And Gives You Heavier Harvests, Quicker…

Bud Blood Bloom Stimulator contains an exclusive mix of specialized hydroponics ingredients specifically developed by scientists who’ve studied floral promoting and development.

This extensive research has allowed these scientists to pinpoint exactly what promotes floral development and blooming in our types of plants… and… they put this proprietary knowledge to use in BUD BLOOD’s ingredients.

Because Bud Blood contains superior forms and perfect ratios of potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and other key bloom-enhancing ingredients it gives your plants exactly what they need to not just produce bigger, more plentiful buds… but also… it literally forces your crops into their flowering phase sooner and gets you to a valuable harvest as quickly as possible.

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500ml, 1Litre


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