Canna Coco Professional (50ltr)

Canna Coco Professional (50ltr)


Canna Coco growing medium has no nutrient content and for maximum effect should be used with a CoCo specific nutrient such as Canna Coco Nutrients or Vita Link Coir. You can use any hydroponic nutrient with this media too, and all of the most popular hydroponic additives are equally as effective in CoCo

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A simple yet effective way of growing. Canna Coco has become very popular in recent years. The quality of produce is excellent, the yields are good and it is something everybody can relate to, growing a plant in a pot! Made from the refined husks of coconuts, Canna Coco provides an airy and light rooting environment, perfect for encouraging vigorous and healthy root growth. Some inferior brands of CoCo can contain extremely high levels of salt but we have never had any problems with this range.


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