Diahydro (40Ltr)

Diahydro (40Ltr)


DIAHYDRO Consists of the fossilised shells of algae (diatoms) that lived millions of years ago. Diahydro is produced from natural earth of a fresh water source. Diahydro is extremely high in Silica (87-94%), an essential component for the growth of plants and strengthening cell walls.

100% Re-usable
High silica content (87-94%)
Super absorbency (Holds 150% of its own weight in water)
Optimal thermal conditioning at the root zone (Temperature swings don’t affect plant growth)
Protection from crawling insects
Chemically inert
100% Natural
p.H neutral (6-7)
Does not agglomerate due to multi-faceted structure
High cation-anion exchange (CEC*) OF 42

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(CEC): High Cation Anion Exchange. A higher CEC means a medium will pass nutrients to plant roots easier and more effectively.

Plants grow Faster and Stronger in Diahydro ‘FACT!’

Perfect for Container growing or Flood and Drain Systems


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