Ebb & Flood

Ebb & Flood


Nutriculture Ebb & Flood systems allow you to control every aspect of your grow. Plant in any growing medium, with or without pots and adjust the number and duration of feeds to get the optimum performance from your plants. Your plants sit on a table, placed above a nutrient solution tank. A timer is used to set the frequency at which nutrient solution is pumped from the tank to FLOOD the table and is then allowed to EBB away.

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• Bigger Yields – consistently feeding little and often, combined with a highly oxygenated root zone, means healthier plants and larger yields.
• Adaptability –control the number and duration of feeds to suit your specific growing environment and maximise yields.
• Flexibility – choose any growing medium – clay, coco, rockwool or soil – with or without pots.
• Choice – range of system sizes to suit your grow area – from 70cm x 60cm up to 2m x 1m – all systems are low level to maximise headroom.
EF620 L 226cm x W 118cm x H 43cm. Suitable for 15-25 plants.


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