Ferro Bio Roots

Ferro Bio Roots


Ferro Bio Roots

Bio Roots improves both the root and root hair growth.Using Bio Roots will improve both the quality and quantity of crops.

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Ferro Bio Roots is a unique root stimulator that is mainly intended to stimulate root growth in the plant’s first weeks and in so doing makes a good basis for the uptake of sufficient water and nutrients and their transport to the various parts of the plant. At a later stage, when the plants start to flower, use Bio Roots for extra flowers on the plant. The heteroauxins present in Bio Roots increase the plant’s stress resistance to higher temperatures and top rot. If a plant is under stress, this plant requires more auxins than it can produce. If there is an auxin shortage in the plant, rot may occur. Boron is not a good solution here as it only improves the water transport. Moreover, boron inhibits ATP production in the plant (adenosin triphosphate), which is important for photosynthesis. Heteroauxin is a compound containing nitrogen and is a known component of amino acids, such as tryptophan (amino acid). The formula is C10H9O2N (indolyl-beta acid). Heteroauxin is used by the plant to make roots and to make new growth shoots (flowers). Heteroauxin also prevents the formation of ethylene; ethylene is an ageing hormone that the green-leaf plant produces itself. The oils in Bio Roots promote good absorption of the nutrient water because of the “tension” of the nutrient water.

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