Flo-Grow 500 – 80cm X 80cm

Flo-Grow 500 – 80cm X 80cm


The smart new tank, combined with the other winning features of the FG 500, make this a hydroponic system to be reckoned with. It offers all the benefits of a pot-based ebb and flood system, but stands out from the crowd, with excellent root capacity, easy access to the pump and nutrient, and an ample volume of nutrient solution for the plant capacity of the system. Of course, the most important feature of all is that despite being a compact system, the FG 500 can sustain enormous plants for virtually any timescale!

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Flo Gro 500 Kit
Plants are grown within a chamber filled with clay pebbles.

The growing chamber is suspended above a reservoir filled with nutrient-enriched water.

An air pump drives the nutrient solution up through the “pumping column” where the nutrient then passed through drip feeder and flows down through clay pebbles.

This infuses the nutrient with oxygen and constantly bathes the roots, stimulating the plant to grow.

The Flo-Gro 500 units will grow several small plants or one to two larger ones.

Now, the Flo-Grow 500 tank has been improved with many new features added into the design.
. Tough new moulding. Robust, recycled plastic gives added strength and durability.

. Integral maximum & minimum nutrient level indicators for easy nutrient solution monitoring.

· Cable guide slots to keep pump and heater cables out of the way.

· Specially designed tank base gives improved drainage allowing the pump to remove more waste solution during nutrient changes.


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