Nil Nat 20ml


The adult fly lays eggs in the medium that turn into tiny white/yellow maggots that can devastate a plant’s roots. Nilnat contains microscopic crystals which are eaten by the maggots and then swell up, perforating the gut wall and killing the maggot.

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Nil Nat is a biological control for Fungus Gnats. It is a microscopic crystal which, when eaten by the Sciarid Fly maggots, swells up in its gut, perforates the gut wall and kills the maggot. The first sign Fungus Gnat is usually an abundance of small 3-5mm long flies on the surface of the root ball or medium in which the plants are growing and by this stage the plant will be suffering. Each Fungus Gnat female lays 200 eggs in warm conditions. The eggs hatch out into maggots which immediately start eating the plant’s roots. These maggots, although they are small, are eating machines.


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