Ona Gel pro – 1 litre

Ona Gel pro – 1 litre


Ona Gel pro is an odour neutralising agent that controls naturally. This complex formula uses essential oil technology to destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours. Ona is not a masking agent, it neutralises odours.

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Ona odour counteractant is scientifically engineered to be completely non toxic and environmentally safe. It has proven to effectively neutralise virtually any odour permanently. Ona does not merely mask odours but bonds with the offending molecules rendering them odourless. Ona’s active ingredients are a blend of 32 essential oils and plant derived compounds, native to Australia and Asia. Effective even in low concentrations of 500:1, these components enable Ona to neutralise a wide spectrum of odours. A safe and biodegradable product designed for use in any environment. Simply get a container of gel and remove the lid (or poke holes in the lid) and place in the room to be deodorised. The Ona Spray is a manual spray, while the aerosol can be used with a Time Mist Dispenser for automated odour control.


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