Oxypot Without Pump

Oxypot Without Pump


The total volume of each IWS Oxy-Pot is 20 litres – but we only recommend filling them with a maximum of 16 litres of nutrient solution.

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The Oxypot is based around the NEW Hydro air pump. This is a high quality Italian built pump that sits in the nutrient solution at the bottom of the Oxypot. No more air stones to get blocked & no airlines. Being sunk in the nutrient solution, the pump noise levels and vibrations are greatly reduced, and the air flow can be adjusted up to a maximum of 180 litres per hour (previous Oxypot 150 litres per hour – also greatly reduced by the air stone). The new nutrient fill/root inspection hole makes the system far easier to monitor and manage.

Single plant bubbler system

Deep Water Culture has become something of a cult method of growing with outstanding yields available to the dedicated deep water grower. The principle behind the system is that your roots grow whilst submerged in nutrients – a method that is made possible by infusing large amounts of air into this solution to create a “bubbler” system. Thanks to the massive aeration and constant feeding, your plants grow at an explosive rate. The Oxy-Pot is a tried and tested bubbler system that offers a cheap and easy way to get growing.

Additional information

Oxypot Includes

1 Plant IWS Oxy-Pot includes:
<li>Oxy-Pot Growing System (Base, Lid and Accessory Pack)</li>
<li>Budget Air Pump (Single Outlet – 1.6 Litres/minute)</li>
<li>50mm Blue Economy Airstone</li>
<li>2m of Airline</li>
<li>2.5 Litres of Clay Pebbles</li>


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