Vita Link Max Bloom 20 Litre (hard water)

Vita Link Max Bloom 20 Litre (hard water)


Vita Link Max is available in both hard water (HW) and soft water (SW) formulations. A 2 Litre pack makes up 250 Litres of nutrient at full strength. Vita Link Max Grow (A+B) NPK ratio: 10:5:16, Vita Link Max Bloom (A+B) NPK ratio: 10:9:19.

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Now and again a special product comes along and this is certainly one! Vita Link Max is suitable for all hydroponic applications and has 3 major advantages over many of the other nutrients on the market. (1) Its supply of phosphorous (important flowering element) is supplied in a more readily available form to plants. This leads to larger flower sizes and increased yields (the holy grail of any gardener!) as well as improved plant health and root structure. (2) The type of phosphorous (phosphites) supplied have been linked to the suppression of fungal attacks and disease, which can often be a problem – especially in the summer months. (3) Vita Link Max has unique cleansing properties. This means less cleaning of tanks for you as well as longer lasting pumps and drip lines. Lots of reasons to at least give it a go.


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