VitaLink Bio-Pak (200ml)

VitaLink Bio-Pak (200ml)


A dry water soluble biostimulant with nitrogen fixing, prospherous solubilising and growth promoting bacteria. All the bacteria in Biopak also contain proven growth promoting substances, including humic extracts, sea kelp extracts, amino acids and more. Recommended for use with VitaLink Grow and Bloom nutrients and VitaLink Boost, but works well with all brands.

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Regardless of ability/growing expertise, the VitaLink range has something to help you achieve the best possible plant health, growth and yield. We also cater for all popular growing techniques, hydroponics, coco coir and soil growing. It’s your choice! This website details what the VitaLink range has to offer. It will also help you decide how you want to grow. We hope you enjoy browsing and find our information useful.


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